Rabun County
Sheriff Office
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Jail Division

The Sheriff has the responsibility of being the official jailer of the county. Jailers are responsible for the confinement, health, safety, welfare, and protection of the rights of the inmate. Jail personnel are tasked with maintaining and meeting the Georgia Crime Information Center requirements as well as the Uniform Crime Reporting requirements. The Rabun County Detention Center is a 102 bed facility located at 175 Boen Creek Road in Tiger, Georgia. Furthermore, the jail division manages and implements the inmate work detail program.

Captain Shane Presgraves

Capt. Presgraves is responsible for maintaining the safety, health, and security of the inmates while in the Rabun County Detention Center. Capt. Presgraves assists the Chief Deputy in ensuring the goals of the Sheriff are met as it relates to the jail division. Capt. Presgraves works to guarantee the jail is operated in accordance with Georgia Law, federal law, and Sheriff's Office policy.