Rabun County
Sheriff Office
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Chief Deputy Scott Cheek

The Chief Deputy is in charge of daily operations and management of the Rabun County Sheriff’s Office. His job is to ensure the goals of the Sheriff are met. The Chief Deputy provides direct supervision to the following;

  1. Administrative Services;
  2. Uniform Patrol Division;
  3. Criminal Investigations;
  4. Jail Division;
  5. Court Services;
  6. Training Division

Records Clerk/Secretary

Kimberly Rodriguez is responsible for maintaining and accessing sheriff's office records according to Georgia Law for the public and media upon their request. She is the official records custodian for the Sheriff's Office and fulfills all open records request for the Sheriff's Office. To request a record, submit a request by utilizing one of the following means:

Phone: 706-782-3612
Fax: 706-782-7754

Address: 56 Boen Creek Road Tiger, Ga. 30576